Wound Care, Treament And Prevention.

Preventing ulcer recurrence may be the most important topic in diabetic foot disease,” said Peter Cavanagh, PhD, DSc, professor and vice chair for research in the department of orthopedics and sports medicine at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle. 1 About 26 million Americans, representing 8.3% of the total US population, have diabetes. 2 In 2007, the total costs of treating patients with diabetes was an estimated $14 billion. 3 At least one-third of these costs were associated with the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs). 4 Patients should also check their feet for wounds because infections can occur and that can create a higher risk of amputation. Indirect causes of DFU lead to wounds through secondary processes. For example, patients with diabetes with sensory neuropathy may disregard callus formation over deformities because no pain is associated with pressure being placed on the callus. Without attention to removing the deformity and/or debulking the callus, an ulcer frequently develops with continuing loading (ie, weight bearing) over the sites. Enzymatic glycosylation of soft tissues reduces the elasticity of tissues as well as soft tissue padding, and is another indirect cause of DFU. 7 With loss of elasticity and padding, wounds are likely to occur with repetitive minimal stresses or constant pressure. Diabetic patients often need to be very careful as they are very delicate when it comes to infections and ulcers - specifically diabetic foot ulcers. These ulcers are a result from poor blood circulation as well as nerve damage. The most important thing to consider is that due to numbness in the feet patients are usually unaware of these foot ulcers and they escalate without the patient knowing. To make matters worse, if the patient also suffers from partial vision loss it is very likely that they are even unable to see the ulcer.diabetic foot ulcer Finally, if you have an infection, high blood sugar levels, that you get with an infection, can make it hard for your body to heal that infection. Your health care provider and your diabetes team are great to get information. If you need ideas for taking care of your feet, ask your health care provider or podiatrist. Quit smoking, which is terrible for all seniors, and diabetics, and know your blood sugar number. Other measures of your health, such as blood pressure and weight control are a good to know for all seniors diabetics. Isolated from the microorganism, Serratia E15, Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme (protease) that will work in the human body to remove scar tissue (dead tissue) and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect within our bodies. We can thank the silkworm for this miracle. I will list some of the conditions that have shown anywhere from a slight, to what is considered a miracle in the results of using Serrapeptase. There many experts and reports that verify the positive results of Serrapeptase, some are documented on my website as examples and I am truly amazed at the wonderful results that have been reported. If a neuropathic Diabetic is feeling foot pain then sometimes we have to dig around and figure out why. Sometimes, but not always, it is to do with something that hasn't been identified. This was the case for one of our patients. They had trouble keeping their blood sugars down and for months the Doctors didn't understand why. They came to us from a simple referral. Upon clipping the big toenail (which felt soggy, looked not right and the toe was slightly red) the nail peeled off revealing a large ulceration that had been hidden underneath.diabetic foot care